The Green Shop is a student-run, eco-friendly shop based inside the college building. After closing the college shop in 2020, the Green Shop was reinvented to be more sustainable after the pandemic.

Students from all pathways have the opportunity to work in the shop. Additional Shop Prep sessions give Vocational students the opportunity to learn more about the 'behind-the-scenes' of setting up and running a business.

Working in the Green Shop

The Green Shop has been designed to provide students with work experience in a stimulating retail setting. Students working in the Shop can expect to learn about;

  • stocktaking
  • customer service
  • displaying stock
  • operating the till
  • making products to sell in the shop

All of these tasks encompass important skills such as numeracy and communication. Students often work in small groups in the Green Shop, learning the importance of teamwork and supporting their peers.

Spending time in the shop also gives students the opportunity to learn more about how to be sustainable, and encourage the rest of college to follow this eco-friendly ethos.

Shop Prep

Students on the Vocational Pathway can take part in Shop Prep sessions, learning the skills needed to set up and run a business.

At the beginning of the year, students in Shop Prep learn about the different job roles required to run a business like the Green Shop. This includes; Shop Management, Finance, Administration, Marketing and Resource Management. Students can apply and interview for the role they are interested in.

The students who are appointed to these roles are responsible for making all of the decisions in the running of the shop for the rest of the year. This could include introducing new products, carrying out market research across the college, and managing relationships with external suppliers.

As part of these sessions, students work towards qualifications in Employability Skills.