Sense College Loughborough has worked in partnership with mainstream Loughborough College for 30 years. We share a campus and this unique relationship allows our students to access mainstream programmes with specialist support.

In addition to gaining an academic or vocational programme, Sense College can also support you to develop other skills such as:

  • cooking and shopping
  • daily living skills e.g. laundry and ironing
  • mobility and independent travel skills
  • money management
  • employment skills
  • independent study skills
  • braille and braille technology

Loughborough College Programmes Available

Loughborough College has a wide range of academic and vocational programmes available from Foundation Learning to A Levels and equivalent. Our timetables are flexible, allowing students the opportunity to develop other essential life skills alongside a qualification.

Programmes available are subject to change, and entry is based on your existing qualification but may include:

  • GCSE Maths and English
  • AS and A2 Level qualifications
  • Vocational courses at Level 1, 2 and 3

If you are interested in a mainstream programme, please contact Sense College Loughborough for more information.


Students have a dedicated tutor to support their studies and liaise with subject tutors. They also discuss progress and agree on targets at regular meetings.

Dedicated learning support can assist students in and out of class for example with learning assistance, note-taking in lessons, support in reading class material and mobility support to and from lessons.

Sense College works with Loughborough College to provide training to teachers and lecturers and advice about how best to work with people with disabilities. Our support staff have also had specialist disability training to ensure students get the most out of their time at College.

The College ensures that handouts and learning materials are available on time and in an accessible format, this can include large print, braille, tactile diagrams, symbols and audio.