Students' Excellent Teamwork Brightens Up College Reception

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Students' Excellent Teamwork Brightens Up College Reception

Students' Excellent Teamwork Brightens Up College Reception

Posted: Thu, 03 Dec 2020 09:41

Students' Excellent Teamwork Brightens Up College Reception

Students (and staff) at Sense College Loughborough have had their creative caps on, and have been finding ways for the College to carry on celebrating together this year, despite being in separate bubbles and following social distancing guidelines.

In the College's reception area, students and staff have set up a display which was most recently used for our Scarecrow Festival!

At the start of November, each bubble was responsible for designing, creating and displaying their very own scarecrow. From the vampire twins and the Queen of Hearts, to a skeleton and a Wizard of Oz inspired scarecrow, the creative juices have been in full flow at College.

As well as being a fun and festive activity during the autumn months, this has also been a fantastic opportunity for students to work on their teamwork and communication skills, as they have worked together in small groups, sharing ideas to create their masterpieces.

For students in our Vocational Bubble, this task has been part of a Teamwork Unit which will count towards a qualification in Employability Skills, Training and Personal Development. The group of four students worked together to decide who would be responsible for different elements of their scarecrow. One of the students was chosen as the team leader to ensure the project ran smoothly, and all team members collaborated to produce their Beauty and the Beast themed scarecrow (horns and throne included!).

Now it is December, the scarecrows have come down to make way for our annual Christmas Tree Festival. Last year, the Christmas Trees formed part of our Winter Wonderland in the Arts Centre, but this year, they will be on display in reception for all to see as they come in to the building.

Students, with help from a few LSEs (Learning Support Elves), are working hard to put the finishing touches on their Christmas creations, ready for a dazzling festive display next week!

Click on the link below to see more of the fantastic scarecrows on display!

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