Supporting Sight Loss

Supporting Sight Loss

Supporting Sight Loss

RNIB College Loughborough are experts at supporting people with sight loss. The College has been located in Loughborough for over 30 years and during this time has supported over 1,000 blind and partially sighted people to gain qualifications, develop independence skills and find employment.

The College is supported by the RNIB, the largest and well-known sight loss charity in the UK, learners benefit from the purpose-built facilities and expert staff at the College.

Our facilities were designed with blind and partially sighted people in mind and feature tactile flooring, an easy to navigate layout, high contrast seating and door frames and adjustable lighting. In addition to the specialist facilities, the College also has many low vision resources to make everyday tasks accessible.

RNIB College staff are experts at supporting people with sight loss. We have lecturers and support staff trained in supporting students with a visual impairment to ensure lessons and learning activities are accessible. Skilled and experienced rehabilitation officers and mobility officers also help students to develop independent travel skills.

Skills Development

Independent living and travel skills are an important part of the College curriculum and both are included in all students' programmes. The skills taught within College are transferable, so students are able to use them outside the classroom. With appropriate support, students learn to plan and budget, cook their own meals and complete personal domestic tasks.

Travel and mobility skills increase confidence and independence, and the training we offer includes:

  • personal safety
  • routes around College and the local community
  • real-life practice, for example, shopping, work placements and off-campus activities

IT & Braille

Developing independent study skills is essential for all blind and partially sighted students to increase their independence in future education and employment.

Alongside our programmes at the College, students can learn and/or develop their IT and braille skills in individual and groups sessions. We offer training in contracted and / or uncontracted braille to people just starting to learn or experienced users who would like to develop braille technology skills and the use of a braille note.

We teach students the use of access technology and the use of these packages with everyday software such as Word, Excel, email and internet use.

Learning Support

The College provides support to students studying in-house or on mainstream programmes at Loughborough College. Support is provided by Learning Support Assistants, qualified and experienced in supporting students with a visual impairment. Support includes:

  • mobility support around college
  • note-taking in class
  • out of class support with research and assignments
  • tutor support – to discuss progress and set targets
  • development of independent study skills


The College works with independent counsellors to provide support for students and adult trainees coping with their sight loss or other issues affecting them. These sessions are confidential and independent of College staff.

Emotional and pastoral support is also provided by key workers and tutors to support individuals to achieve their potential.

Low Vision Support

The Low Vision Service empowers students and trainees with sight loss to make the best use of their vision. It provides a functional and clinical assessment as part of the pre-assessment process and whilst on the programme. A College optometrist can provide support, advice and information and loan low vision aids and magnifiers during the programme.