We encourage our students to think about their future as soon as they join us.


Transitions Team

From the minute students join one of our programmes, we start to plan and help them to think about what they would like to do when they leave us. The Transitions team are here to make this as smooth as possible.

Each week, students meet with their tutor or keyworker and talk about what they are achieving on the programme. They will discuss what they would like to do when they leave and plan how they are going to achieve this. Some of the options may include;

  • Further education
  • Higher education
  • Taking part in community activities
  • Voluntary work
  • Internship Programme
  • Paid work

For younger learners, progress and options for the future are discussed during their annual review which parents / carers, careers advisors, social workers and other professionals are encouraged to attend.

Career Advice & Guidance

All students take part in regular careers sessions from specialist tutors who are supported by the Transitions Team. Progress is reviewed on a regular basis through reports, annual reviews and targets.

Sense College Loughborough has been accredited with the Matrix Standard, the Department for Education's standard for ensuring the quality of the delivery of information, advice and guidance (IAG). Accredited organisations are assessed regularly to ensure they continue to deliver quality IAG, as well as achieve results.

The College will remain in contact with you for up to two five years after leaving to provide ongoing advice and guidance if required. Keeping in touch is a great way for us to find out what you have been doing since leaving College, and see how you are doing. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know if what you learnt at College has helped you, and to let you know about additional resources that may be of use or interest.

Work Placements

Our Transitions Team have links with over 30 employers across a wide range of sectors, which gives us plenty of opportunities to find suitable work placements for all of our students. The type of role and amount of time spent on work placement varies depending on students' goals and aspirations.

Support and Job Coaching

For all students the College's Employment Placement Officer will attend work placements to ensure that all appropriate equipment is provided, students are familiar with the surroundings and that they fully understand their responsibilities.

Students on work placements are accompanied by a learning assistant who supports them to carry out their tasks.

Work placements are an excellent opportunity to prepare students for the next stage of their lives, whether that is employment, voluntary work, or community activities.