Careers & Transitions

Careers & Transitions

Preparing you for your next steps (careers provision)

We want you to achieve your long term goals. You may want to get a job, voluntary work or get more involved in your local community when you finish with us. From the moment you start with us, we will be working with you to make this happen.

You may hear us call this: preparing for your next steps, transitions, or careers. They are all words which refer to preparing you for whatever you go onto after college.

Careers offer within our pathways

This diagram shows some of the activity we do at college to prepare you for your next steps. We have called it our Careers Offer and each student's programme is tailored to their individual needs.

You can download this diagram as PDF using the link below:

Vocational pathway

If you are on this pathway you'll be thinking about getting a job, looking at work that matches your skills, interests and motivations and is available in your local community. Together we will help to identify gaps in your skills and knowledge, and work on developing these to be as independent as possible.

Enterprise pathway

If you are on this pathway you may be preparing for work experience or voluntary activities. You'll be looking to increase your independence within the home and possibly considering supported living options.

Learning for Life pathway

If you are on this pathway your goal might be to become part of your local community, so we will provide lots of sensory and interactive experiences to build your confidence and life skills.

If you want more information about our Careers Offer...

Gina Hufford (registered careers leader)

Employer Engagement Coordinator

Mobile: 07935 007163

Tel: 01509 631283

Hannah Wharton (senior lead for careers)

Assistant Principal – Admissions, Engagement and Transitions

[email protected]

Careers information reviewed annually (next review August 2024).

Support with Transition

Support with Transition

How we will help students, parents & carers prepare for the transition out of college.

Provider Access

Provider Access

Find our Provider Access Statement here.

More Information

More Information

Further information specifically for students/parents, employers and college staff.