Why we love the bubbles at Sense College Loughborough!

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Why we love the bubbles at Sense College Loughborough!

Why we love the bubbles at Sense College Loughborough!

Posted: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 14:08

Why we love the bubbles at Sense College Loughborough!

After the first lockdown in 2020, we knew that the start of this academic year was going to feel very different. Keeping students and staff safe was the priority, so staggered start and finish times were introduced, external work placements became limited, review meetings were moved online, and the bubbles were created. While we knew we would miss seeing everyone around the College, and nothing could replace the usual lively atmosphere as you walk through the front door, the new ways of working have also brought so many unexpected benefits!

Better Relationships

Each bubble sees the same staff members and students throughout the week, so everyone is getting to know one another better than ever. Students have already formed strong new friendships within their bubbles, and staff have been able to work consistently with the same students each week, and put in place even more effective support strategies.

New Opportunities

As much as this period of time has put a stop to so many usual activities, it has also provided an opportunity to try new methods and techniques. Our Mobility Trainer has not been able to access the community or public transport in the same way as before. Instead, the Media Hub and Mobility teams have joined together to invent new opportunities for our students, including the creation of virtual reality apps and films which focus on road safety and stranger danger.

Workplace Environment

Students in the Vocational Bubble have really enjoyed the new setup at College. In their new base room, the students have their own desks and spaces, and have said they feel more 'grown up' in the office environment.

We can't wait to have visitors in College again, reopen the Bell Bar, and see the students mixing together again. But even when we get there, there is so much we have learnt from the bubbles that will certainly come with us in the future!

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