Sensory Pathway

Sensory Pathway

The college's Sensory Pathway is for young people who would like to be able to engage in the wider community. Daily activities will provide an opportunity for students to develop their communication, social skills and independence. We offer a variety of activities that you can choose to take part in, and plenty of space for our students to spread out!
Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to access the community, and take part in college-wide events.

Activities in the Sensory Pathway

Arts & Crafts –Work together to make decorations for upcoming college events and fundraisers.

Gardening–Make use of our enclosed courtyard to discover different plants and flowers.

Sensory Walks –Explore the College grounds, noting what you can see, hear and smell.

Cooking–Experiment with different smells, tastes and textures in our small kitchen.

Sensory stories –Develop your communication skills while enjoying a fun story.

Sensology–Awaken all the senses with our morning Sensology sessions.

Drumming workshops –Enjoy a fun-filled musical afternoon, playing along to your favourite songs!


Students on our Sensory pathway can spend time with our on-site Physiotherapist and Speech & Language Therapist.
We work closely with any professionals you currently work with to make sure we have the right plans in place for you, before you start College.
We can offer group physiotherapy activities, or one-to one sessions, and group communication sessions and sensory stories to improve your communication skills.

Sensory room

Students on the Sensory pathway can use our dedicated Sensory Room, which includes soft seating areas, lights, textures, musical instruments and a sensory tent.
Students can make use of this room if they need a quiet space away from the group, or as part of our Music Therapy sessions.