Learning for Life Pathway

Learning for Life Pathway

Learning for Life Pathway

The college's Learning for Life pathway is for students who would like to engage more in the wider community. We focus on helping you to develop the skills you need to live as independently as possible. Your timetable will include activities to help you develop your communication skills, explore the senses, build relationships and have fun!

On this pathway, you will follow the Aspire programme or the Take-Off programme.

Aspire & Take-Off

Students on the Aspire programme work towards targets based on communication, cognition & learning and wellbeing. The focus is on developing skills to work towards greater autonomy and control of everyday living activities.

On the Take-Off programme, students will have additional targets that will be based in the college enterprises and supported work placements. Students will develop skills, awareness and knowledge of social, living and work opportunities in the local community.

Teaching activities

Students on both programmes may take part in regular activities such as:

Sensology - a sensory workout to wake up the five basic senses

Tac Pac - a sensory communication activity using touch and music equally

Sensory stories - a story or poem told with words alongside sensory stimuli


Music & Movement

Performing Arts

Community access

Physio sport


Arts & Crafts

Story massage


If you need it, you can spend time with our on-site Physiotherapist and Speech and Language Therapist to help you develop your mobility, co-ordination, communication and choice-making skills.

We offer activities like group Sensory Stories and Physio Sport, as well as one-to-one sessions with our Therapies team.