Here you can read about some of the excellent work our students have been doing at their work placements and supported internships.

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Danielle, March 2019

Danielle has undertaken work placements at Tesco and Fearon Hall.

Danielle started at RNIB College in September 2017 and throughout her first year it was evident that she was motivated to work and to gain the skills to do so. During her first year Danielle developed employability skills such as customer service, completing tasks and handling money. She built upon her functional skills in the College enterprises, so she was ready for work. Very early on we knew that Danielle would really thrive on an external work placement.

When Danielle came back to College in her second year it was arranged for her to start a work placement at Tesco's in Loughborough. During her work placement Danielle has worked hard to develop her communication skills and with her Learning Support has gradually built up her confidence. Danielle initially needed prompts and support but towards the end of her placement she was able to carry out tasks such as restocking the chilled section with minimal support.

After completing her work placement at Tesco's in the first part of the year, Danielle has now moved on to her second placement. She is now in the kitchen at Fearon Hall, a busy community centre in the heart of Loughborough. Danielle's Learning Support was able to quickly take a step back, allowing Danielle to work completely independently with the Café manager in the kitchen.

As Danielle has gained confidence in both her work placements at Tesco and Fearon hall she has been identified as a student that would be suitable for the College's Supported Internship Programme in the hope that she would gain employment in the future.

Danielle says: "I am loving being at work, I love the people that I work with and the jobs that I do"

Meg Griffiths, Centre Manager for Fearon Hall, said: "Danielle was a real asset to our community café, hardworking, reliable, friendly, considerate and a joy to have around".

Tue, 14 Jan 2020