Here you can read about some of the excellent work our students have been doing at their work placements and supported internships.

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Ellie, March 2019

After developing her confidence at College, Ellie wanted to work in a café environment where she could use her great customer service skills.

Ellie is currently on the Supported Internship Programme at McDonalds.

During her second year at College, Ellie grew in confidence and said she wanted to start a work placement. Ellie wanted to work in a café environment, as she'd enjoyed her sessions in the Bell Bar Café, the College's catering enterprise. We thought Ellie would be great in McDonalds. The environment would be similar to the Bell Bar Café and Ellie's customer service skills great.

Ellie started the internship programme in September 2018 and is currently working in the dining hall of McDonald's as a Customer Care Assistant where she is responsible for keeping the dining area clean and tidy. Due to the nature of Ellie's disability she can sometimes lack concentration, however in McDonald's, she is solely focused on the job at hand. Only after a short period of time, Ellie felt confident enough working with her McDonalds supervisor Shirley, her Learning Support Assistant has been able to take a step back and she goes to her supervisor for guidance. Ellie is really getting into the swing of being part of the team and is able to work independently.

Ellie is now walking to the bus stop, catching the bus, using a bus pass and walking to McDonald's with her Learning Support, which is great.

McDonald's Business Manager, Kirsty Rhodes said: "Ellie is doing a fantastic job. The customers really love her and she is already a big part of the team"

Tue, 14 Jan 2020