Support with Transition

Support with Transition

How will you be supported with your transition out of college?

Transitions Coordinators

Our Transitions Coordinators help prepare you as you transition out of college. They will do this by supporting staff with careers resources activities and initiatives that are relevant to you.

Debbie Bond

Transition Coordinator

Tel: 01509 631280

[email protected]

Your Tutor

Your tutor will meet with you regularly for tutorials to discuss what you are achieving through your programme, reflecting on your learning. Together you will think about what you want to do when you leave and how you are going to achieve this.

Annual Review meeting

During this meeting we will look at how you are progressing. Before the meeting you, your parents/carers and others professionals working closely with you are asked to provide updates on your progress. We will then invite everyone to meet to discuss how you are progressing and your next steps.

Personal guidance

You will be offered the opportunity to have a personal guidance meeting with a qualified Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) professional. These sessions are delivered by someone from outside the college, who we refer to as an IAG Advisor. Member of college staff can support you during these meetings, if you wish. If you are on our Learning for Life pathway, you may take part in group IAG sessions with your peers.

Quality of our support

Sense College Loughborough has been accredited with the Matrix Standard, the Department for Education's standard for ensuring the quality of the delivery of information, advice and guidance (IAG). Accredited organisations are assessed regularly to ensure they continue to deliver quality IAG, as well as achieve results.

We use an accredited IAG Level 6 Advisor who follows the Career Development Institute (CDI) code of ethics.

Keeping in touch

The college will remain in contact with you for up to three years after leaving to provide ongoing advice and guidance, if required. Keeping in touch is a great way for us to find out what you have been doing since leaving college. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know if what you learnt at college has helped you, and to let you know about additional resources that may be of use or interest. Staff love to hear news and updates about former students.

Working with employers, organisations and knowing your local community

We work with a number of employers, across a wide range of sectors. We also have a number of internal college departments offering work placements. This means we have lots of opportunities available to help you towards your job or volunteering goals. A member of staff will go with you to your work placement and provide you the help and support you need to complete the tasks you are given.

We also go out looking for new employer opportunities, asking people to come in and talk to you about their workplace, so you can find out more about the world of work.

You may not be looking for work. You may want to be more confident and be able to get out and access your local community. We also arrange visits to local organisations and social care providers, so that you can see if they could be for you.

What do other students do when they finish with us?

Our students go onto a variety of different destinations depending on their goals and aspirations. This includes moving to social care funded provision, voluntary work, paid employment or a mainstream college.